Lady with Long Hair


Lady with Long Hair is my graduation film at Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, 2012.

Synopsis: The film is about an old lady who relives her memories with her husband contained within her hair.

Director and Art Director: Barbara Bakos
Producers: András Erkel, József Fülöp
Production manager: Libor Kiss
Script: Árpád Hermán
Consultant: Rita Domonyi
Music: Attila Pacsay
Sound design: Ferenc Lukács
Voice: Ilona Kassai
Editing: Juci Czakó
Animation: Kati Bross, Oleg Ridzel, Erika Riha, András Paulovics
Cleanup: Andrea Bogdán, Rita Galvács, Magdolna Kovács, Zsuzsa Wieser, Noémi Szlukovínyi
Coloring: Róbert Popele                                                                                       Compositing: József Sándor
Camera: Lajos Polecsák
Produced by: Studio Baestarts and MOME Animation

More artworks here:


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